Copyright 2011-2014 Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  I  Email: Welcome to the Official Website of Michigan State Paranormal Investigations! EVPs - Electronic Voice Phenomenon - Definition: A disembodied voice which is not physically heard at the time of recording, but is captured on the recording device and heard later during review of the audio clip.  Most paranormal investigators use a digital audio recorder during their investigations, thus the term  “Electronic” Voice Phenomenon. 
Here are some EVPs we captured on some of our recent investigations.  Take a listen and see what you think. This EVP was captured from one of our stationary recorders.  From time to time we will set a recorder in areas that are said to be more active so that we can see if we might capture something while we are not in that particular location.  This time it worked to our advantage as you will hear.  We were not in the home when this EVP was captured.  This was captured approximately 20 minutes after we stepped outside to conduct EVP sessions where there was claims of a girl being pushed in the back yard.  This EVP was captured on a digital recorder that was set up in the client’s daughter’s bedroom.  To hear what we think it says CLICK HERE Warner House - Bronson, MI
In this next EVP from the Warner House in Bronson, MI you will hear MSPI Paranormal Investigator Mike Salib ask the client, “Have you had any incidents with furniture moving in here?”.  Mike Salib and the client are in the daughter’s bedroom.  Immidiately after asking this question there is what seems to be a response to the question and then you will hear Mike Salib move a desk in the bedroom to create the noise he is asking the client about, in order to see if the client might remember hearing a similar sound before in the past. To hear what we think it says CLICK HERE