Copyright 2011-2014 Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  I  Email: Ghost Stories -These stories have not been verified- Chardon NOTE: If you plan to enter the following location, you may need to ask for permission first.  Failure to do so could result in authorities being called.    Heather Hill Hospital A young boy has been seen by several staff members of the hospital.  It is said that the boy will run in and out of rooms sometimes.  When seen running into a room, the staff members have followed sometimes only to find the rooms empty.  Some of the patients have also been seen, by staff members, talking to someone.  When asked who they were talking to, they describe the young boy and say he was wearing a pair of knickers.  Because of these descriptions, the staff refers to the young boy as the knicker boy. Several staff members have also reported knocking sounds on the walls but, when they investigate the knocking sounds, the rooms are empty. Welcome to the Official Website of Michigan State Paranormal Investigations! BACK MAIN