Copyright 2011-2014 Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  I  Email: Ghost Stories -These stories have not been verified- Alma NOTE: If you plan to enter the following location, you may need to ask for permission first.  Failure to do so could result in authorities being called.    Alma College - Gamma Phi Beta House Sisters that lived in the “Pink Room” woke one night to see a ghostly figure pacing back and forth between the closet door and the bedroom door.  The girls started screaming.  The president heard the screams and went to investigate the noise.  When she opened their door the ghost went past her.  When she returned to her room, everything that was hanging on her walls was now on the floor. Things are known to come up missing or be moved, strange noises can be heard throughout the night, doors sometimes slam for no apparent reason, lights frequently go dim.  The strange occurrences began shortly after the house had begun construction.  Did these sorority sisters stir up some spirits? Welcome to the Official Website of Michigan State Paranormal Investigations! BACK MAIN