Copyright 2011-2014 Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  I  Email: Ghost Stories -These stories have not been verified- Kendallville NOTE: If you plan to enter the following location, you may need to ask for permission first.  Failure to do so could result in authorities being called.    Strand Movie Theater There was a woman cleaning one day with her two children running around the theater.  She heard her kids scream so she ran to see what was wrong.  The children claimed to had seen a man standing at the top of the stairs, near the balcony, watching them.  The woman called one of the co-workers and he asked what the man looked like.  The children gave a description of the man they seen.  A few days later the co-worker happen to be in that same area and seen the man that the kids had described.  He quickly ran up the stairs toward where he had seen the man but, no one was there and there wasn’t any other way out from that area except to pass by the co-worker. About a week later a man, that resembled the man that had been seen, came by to buy the theater.  When speaking with this gentleman it was discovered that his father had killed himself in the projection room years before. The ghost has been seen watching people since, through the projection window.  It is said that he quickly ducks when he knows he has been spotted. Welcome to the Official Website of Michigan State Paranormal Investigations! BACK MAIN