Copyright 2011-2014 Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  I  Email: Ghost Stories -These stories have not been verified- Indianapolis NOTE: If you plan to enter any of the following locations, you may need to ask for permission first.  Failure to do so could result in authorities being called.    Central State Hospital This building was originally called the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane when it was built in 1848.  The building was renamed in 1926. The hospital took in all kinds of mentally disturbed patients, people from general forms of insanity to the criminally insane.  The living conditions were well below normal standards.  They treated patients there for 146 years but, the building now stands vacant. Those patients that were the most disturbed were kept in the basement area with little lighting and poor ventilation.  Many staff member and visitors to the hospital would here screams and moans coming from this area even though the basement was empty at the time.  Apparitions have been seen running up and down the hallways as well as outside.  Some people claim they have seen these apparitions wearing gowns and robes.  Also sounds of footsteps have been heard in various parts of the building even though the building has been closed for some time. Hannah House In 1858 Alexander Hannah built this house at the age of 37.  He was a prominent figure in the Indianapolis area and was also known for his opened disapproval of slavery. This house was purchased in 1899 by Roman Oehler.  His descendants still own the home.  The home has been listed as a historical landmark since the late 70’s and is currently booked for weddings and receptions. When Mr. Hannah owned the home it was used as part of the underground railroad.  At one point in time a lantern had gotten knocked over and caused a fire which took the lives of several slaves. There has been windows and doors that are claimed to open on their own as well as, cold drafts and, objects that get moved or thrown.  There is also said to be the smell of death that comes from the upstairs rooms.  Several people have smelled this decay but when investigated, nothing is found. Welcome to the Official Website of Michigan State Paranormal Investigations! BACK MAIN MAIN MAIN