Michigan State Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal claims of activity. We never charge for our services. Our Paranormal Investigations are free and we do not offer “cleansing of homes”. We ask that you be leary of any groups that say they offer “free investigations” but then offer “Cleansing of Homes” or some other “Spiritual” ceremony to ward off ghosts, spirits or demonic beings. These so called “groups’ and “teams” typically charge for these additional services and may be just trying to take your hard earned money. MSPI is a reputable organization of Paranormal Investigators that do not charge for anything, period…we even pay for our own gas to get to and from a clients house or establishment. We do have a Donation Button above for those individuals or businesses that would like to contribute to our organization but we never mention this on the phone or in person and your donation remains anonymous. Outside of any donations that we may receive from time to time, MSPI is funded by it’s members.

Our team members have each had their own personal experiences with the paranormal and we are dedicated toward the same goals:

  1. Seeking out the truth behind claims of paranormal activity by debunking those claims in an effort to find the answers behind what is taking place, while knowing that not everything can be explained and not everything is paranormal.
  2. Helping home and business owners to find peace of mind in their current environment.

Our mission is to assist families and business owners in finding the answers to the questions they have about what might be taking place at their individual dwellings and establishments.

We have been in operation as a Non-Profit Organization since MAY 2011 but prior to creating MSPI we had over 5 years of experience in the paranormal world.

If you or someone you know has been experiencing unexplained activity at their home or business and this activity is believed to be of the paranormal nature you can request an investigation by clicking here and filling out our online Investigation Request Form.

MSPI investigates claims of Paranormal Activity in Michigan and the surrounding states.


04/07/2018 MSPI will be at Midwest Parafest

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